Furor Needs You!

The Burning Legion has returned once again.

It seeks to devour all life and leave death in its wake.  

Only the mightiest champions of Azeroth can stop this demonic onslaught.

Do you think you have what it takes to take the fight to the Legion?


Want To Raid With Competitive Players?

We are always looking for the best players to fill our ranks. Do you strive to clear the highest difficulty content this game has to offer with a highly skilled group of raiders? Does your work or other commitments deter your from committing to a rigid weekday schedule for competitive raiding? Then we believe you are the perfect match for us


What Do We Expect From You?


We are looking for an individual who will mesh well with the group of crazy people that make up the raiding team. Some of us are chatty, charismatic, helpful, and very welcoming. We enjoy to not only raid together but spend time together.

Team Effort
We expect our raiders to be team members who help and respect each other in order to work towards our raid’s success.

We require 75% attendance for our raiders to be considered Regular Raiders. Raiders with less than 75% will be considered Casual Raiders. If we need to pug, we will look through real ID friends first before using the group finder.

Raid Awareness

We are seeking individuals who go out of their way to learn mechanics, watch videos, and familiarize themselves on boss fights. We will try to call out as many abilities as possible. However, we need our raiders to be as prepared as possible.



Read about our History

Furor started life over 7 years ago when a group of friends came together to form a competitive raiding guild. Like any veteran raiding guild Furor too went through some rough patches along the way. Now we are back in Legion to once again accomplish great feats as we once did.

Active for over 7 Years


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The guild has been active since 2009

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